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Simple Introduction of Seamless Pipes & Welded Pipes.

Date:2019-03-13 15:50:10

We can find two major categories of pipe In the steel pipe market: welded pipe and seamless pipe. Here we provide you with more information in detail to tell you how to choose suitable type between them. The difference in the basic manufacturing method is from their names. Seamless pipe is extruded and drawn from a billet while welded pipe is produced from a strip that is roll formed and welded to produce a tube. Generally speaking, there is a difference in the steel pipe prices between these two types of pipe due to different manufacturing methods in a mill. The working pressure of welded pipe is 20% less than that for a seamless pipe. Certainly, the working pressure is not the determining factor for choosing seamless pipe or welded pipe for analyzer sample lines. The difference in potential impurities, which reduce the corrosion resistance of the finished pipe, is why seamless pipe is specified.

Advantages Of Welded Pipes: Welded pipes are typically more cost effective than their seamless equivalents. Welded pipes are usually more readily available than seamless. The longer lead time required for seamless pipes can not only make timing problematic, but it also allows more time for the price of the materials to fluctuate. The wall thickness of welded pipes is generally more consistent than that of seamless pipes. The internal surface of welded tubes can be checked before manufacturing, which isn’t possible for seamless pipes.

Advantages Of Seamless: The main perceived advantage of seamless pipes is that they don’t have a weld seam. The seam of welded pipes has been viewed as a weak spot, vulnerable to failure and corrosion. For many years, this fear was probably justified. However, in recent years improvements in the manufacturing process for welded steel pipes and other welded pipes have boosted the strength and performance of the weld seam to levels indistinguishable from that of the rest of the pipe. Seamless pipes provide peace of mind. Although there should be no issues with the seams of welded pipes supplied by reputable manufacturers, seamless pipes prevent any possibility of a weak seam. Seamless pipes have better quality, or roundness, than welded pipes.

As it is well known, everything has two sides. Each type of steel pipe also has their own merits and drawbacks. What really matters to you is to select the proper type of products for your project as per the specific requirements of the practical applications. On the other hand, it is also important for end users to take a cost budget into consideration in advance.